Blacktop Performance Water


Brand Identity, Packaging Design


Blacktop approached us looking to build a brand that speaks to the next generation of athlete; the millennial truly invested in their health and fitness, who recognizes that a better quality sports drink will result in a better quality workout. The tone and overall focus of the Blacktop brand goes beyond the beverage, to capture and represent an aspirational lifestyle.

The condensed, slender type treatment and overall clean design stands out amongst competitors in the “sports drink” category, and helps to convey a lighter, more premium product.

"We hired Macaroni to build out our packaging design and brand identity from scratch. They were incredible to work with in helping drive the design process and take our overall vision and create a unique and robust brand.  As first time founders, we were new to the design process and they made sure that we stayed on target and were extremely clear with what we needed to contribute."

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