Blue Bear

Blue Bear is a wellness company that has created a line of all-natural drinks to promote better sleep & relaxation. In order to stand out from their competition (who mostly employ a more sterile, "scientific" look,) we created a series of monochromatic illustrations to be used throughout the branding/packaging. These immersive scenes are meant to represent the calm you feel when drinking their products, while also tying into the name of the brand (by depicting the great outdoors.)


Visual Identity
Web Design

To contrast to the more playful illustrations, we opted for more serious typography to convey a sense of credibility and trust. The logo mark features a resting bear, who also resembles a cloud (to pair with the established sky motif.) To ensure legibility, the layouts feature ample negative space.

The website was designed to feel serene and calming, while quickly communicating the product benefits and research that Blue Bear was formulated upon. Subtle gradients and rounded, floating boxes are used to create a sense of weightlessness and mimic the peaceful transition into sleep. Check out the site here.

Supporting illustrations, animations and icons were created to further communicate key product benefits and elements of the brand story.

"We can’t stress this enough but there’s nothing more important than having the right people on your side that understand a vision and a brands identity. Ron and Mackenzie are those people. We’re so happy that we were able to find Macaroni for our branding, product design, website build as well as the other 20+ little miscellaneous design tasks that we’ve collaborated on.

It's not just the modern/ timeless designs that they create its how simple and easy they are to work with. I couldn’t have imagined any other better situation than the one that we had with them. We’ve joked around to hire them full time but we really would actually do it if we could. It's rare to find good people that you can work with and that you can count on and that is exactly what you get when you team up with Mackenzie and Ron. If I can give more than 5 stars for there service I would!"
JUSTIN - co-founders BLUE BEAR

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