Bottles of Berry Bissap on marble texture with fruit and palm leaves scattered around.

Berry Bissap

Berry Bissap is a spiced hibiscus tea brand bringing a traditional WestAfrican beverage to the US. We created a fun, approachable brand and packaging system that uses bright, refreshing colors to grab consumer's attention. The typography, illustrations and patterns draw inspiration from African artwork and patterning.


Visual Identity
Web Design

The goal was to tell the story of Berry Bissap's West African roots, in a modern way that would still appeal to general consumers. We used bold, exciting colors to capture the refreshing, flavorful qualities of bissap.

The illustrations and patterns take inspiration from West African fabrics and clothing, using loose and organic strokes and shapes paired with geometric patterning.

Illustrated map of West Africa showing the origins of bissap.

We also developed a digital presence for the brand including an ecommerce site, emailers and influencer marketing materials.

Instagram stories featuring Berry Bissap.
Bottles of Berry Bissap on marble surface with picnic basket filled with fruit in background.

"I absolutely LOVE Macaroni Creative! Ron and Mackenzie are just amazing at what they do. They are patient with their clients on their needs while providing excellent expertise on ways to capture consumers with intentional and eye-catching design. I always recommend founders in the CPG space to go to Macaroni Creative for their design needs!"
​Akua Kyerematen Nettey - founder, BERRY BISSAP

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