Fämily Foods

Fämily Foods is the collaborative efforts of Reimagine Foods and health and wellness influencer, Rachel Brathen (also known as YogaGirl.) Rachel wanted to create a brand that conveyed the sense of joy she experiences when connecting with loved ones and sharing a meal together. Targeted towards mothers, it was also essential to communicate that this is a natural product, made with healthy, high quality and sustainably sourced ingredients (so moms can feel good about feeding this to their little ones.)


Visual Identity

The logotype feels fun yet imperfect and a little bit messy (just like baking with your kids.) A subtle moon is included within the "D" to tie in Yoga Girl's personal brand focusing on holistic wellness.

As a direct-to-consumer brand, creating a memorable experience when receiving the product was important. We designed custom shippers, postcards and paper to give customers a personalized experience.

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