Miller's Craft Meats

Miller’s came to us looking for a brand refresh that would better communicate the premium quality of their products, while still paying homage to their 110-year history. Drawing inspiration from their original logo, we created a cleaner more versatile logotype while the secondary typography draws inspiration from vintage meat market signage. For their packaging, we utilized craft paper and gold foil accents to create a more contemporary, sophisticated shelf-presence that would stand out from the competition.


Visual Identity

For a heritage brand like Millers, it was really important that their longstanding dedication to quality and craftsmanship would shine through at every touchpoint. We created the "gold seal" as a key brand element to draw attention to their use of traditional German sausage-making methods (which was a key differentiator between them and most of their mass-market competitors.)

"The best thing I've seen in meats."

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