Bare Bones

Since 2013, Bare Bones has been a pioneer in the wellness space, introducing the first shelf-stable bone broths to grocery stores around the country. When they first approached us in 2017 to create packaging for their innovative new line of Instant Broths, it was the start of a longstanding partnership and eventual brand overhaul. Over the last five years, we've worked with them on countless projects, from new product launches to digital marketing assets and everything in between.


Visual Identity
Marketing Collateral

Following the success of their Instant Broth stick packs, we were tasked with redesigning Bare Bone's staple liquid line. We chose to feature product imagery in what could be interpreted as a bowl or mug, to communicate the ability to cook or sip the broth. Illustrations and vibrant color blocking were used to differentiate the unique flavor profiles of each product.

The redesign was launched into the marketplace in Q3 2020 and Bare Bones has already seen velocities increase up to 40% YoY in every retail account.

We expanded the brand identity past the packaging design, creating recognizable and cohesive brand assets that could be used throughout marketing materials, social media and other touch points.

In 2022 Bare Bones expanded their offerings to include plant-based soups. We sought to create packaging that felt cohesive with their other product lines regarding style and overall structure, but put greater emphasis on the mouth-watering photography (shot by Tom Smith) and larger ingredient illustrations to convey a strong sense of appetite appeal.

Bare Bone's old brand and packaging featured animal illustrations, which were off-putting to some consumers and didn't communicate the flavor notes within their products. To solve this we moved towards an approach that featured the flavors and ingredients that were more prominent in their products. The style of these illustrations was inspired by vintage cookbooks (to pay homage to founder Ryan's background as a chef) and became a staple with the brand, used on the packaging, shippers, website and other collateral.

"We had the privilege of working with Mackenzie and Ron to design a new product for Costco. Their creativity, design expertise, attention to detail, and speed were instrumental in the launch and continued success of this product.

We’ve continued to work with them on new products along with brand positioning and identity, refreshing packaging on older products, and everything in-between! As a small team, they have been able to deliver a level of design you’d only expect from a large agency, with a speed and value desired by many small, growing CPG businesses. They have become an invaluable extension to our team, and we highly recommend them to anyone looking to take their brand or products to the next level."
Ryan & Kate Harvey - co-founders Bare Bones

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