Roast Umber

Roast Umber is a coffee brand on a mission to deliver top-quality coffee with a focus on approachability and transparency. We worked with their team to create a bold, straightforward brand identity and packaging system that stands out on-shelf and speaks directly to coffee lovers of all kinds (from novices to true aficionados.)


Visual Identity

The coffee buying experience can be a little intimidating for a lot of people. With so many roasts coming from different regions (each with their own unique flavor profiles,) it can feel like a guessing game when you pick up a new brand. The simplistic packaging features a clear description of the flavor, so consumers know what to expect before even taking their first sip.

When surveying the coffee aisle, you see a lot of similar colors and busy designs. For their flagship products, we opted for a vibrant teal that would pop against the competition and evoke a cool, friendly vibe.

"Mackenzie and Ron have been amazing to work with! They are the kind of duo in which we can have a meeting, they'll take the information we discussed and brainstormed and put together concepts that almost came directly out of our heads. They have a unique way of visually and artfully designing packaging and branding that speaks to the brand and audience their clients are trying to reach and the messaging meant to be portrayed.

They are some of the best in visually bringing your brand to life. We continue to work with them on various projects and will continue to do so."
Brad Gakenheimer - co-founders ROAST UMBER

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